SiC N-Channel MOSFETs Deliver Many Benefits

MCC is pleased to roll out its new 1200V SiC N-Channel power MOSFETs, SICW080N120Y-BP and SICW080N120Y4. These innovative Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFETs are available in a TO-247-3 package and TO-247-4 package. They provide reliable performance with higher-speed switching frequencies and high blocking voltage with low on-resistance and better avalanche ruggedness.

Ideal for industrial applications, SICW080N120Y-BP and SICW080N120Y4 use SiC technology to provide twice the electron saturation velocity and ten times the dielectric breakdown field strength to deliver a high-powered component in a small package.



Features & Benefits:
  • SiC MOSFET technology
  • High blocking voltage with low RDS(on)
  • High-speed switching with low capacitances
  • Avalanche capability
  • Halogen-free, “green” device
  • Epoxy meets UL 94 V-0 Flammability Rating
  • Lead-free finish/RoHS compliant

MCC's new 1200V Silicon Carbide MOSFETs are fast, rugged, and capable

1200V SiC N-Channel MOSFET


High Thermal Conductivity

SiC has a thermal conductivity that is nearly two times higher than silicon, which allows for better heat dissipation and a higher power handing capacity.

1200V SiC N-Channel MOSFET


High Breakdown Voltage

10 times higher breakdown voltage than their silicon counterparts, allowing for greater voltage handing capability.

1200V SiC N-Channel MOSFET


Higher Switching Control

2-3 times higher electron drift velocity compared with silicon, allowing faster switching speeds and reducing switching losses.

1200V SiC N-Channel MOSFET


High Bandgap Energy

SiC products have 3 times more energy Bandgap, being capable of withstanding higher temperatures since they are less susceptible to temperature increase.


  • 1200V Drain-Source Voltage (VDS)
  • -8V/22V Gate-Source Voltage (VGSmax)
  • -4V/18V Gate-Source Voltage (VGSop)
  • 38A continuous Drain Current (ID) [SICW080N120Y-BP] / 39A continuous Drain Current (ID) [SICW080N120Y4]
  • 80A Pulsed Drain Current (IDM)
  • 220W total power dissipation at 25°C (TC) [SICW080N120Y-BP]/ 223W total power dissipation at 25°C (TC) [SICW080N120Y4]
  • 94W total power dissipation at 110°C  (TC) [SICW080N120Y-BP]/ 97W total power dissipation at 110°C  (TC) [SICW080N120Y4]
  • -55°C to 175°C operating and storage temperature range 
  • 0.68°C /W junction to case thermal resistance


charging station ev car MCC Industrial MCC renewable energy MCC
Battery Charging Industrial Renewables
  • High-voltage DC/DC Converters
  • Battery Chargers
  • Industrial Chargers
  • Off Board Chargers
  • Power Factor Correction
  • AC-DC High-Power SMPS
  • Motor Drivers
  • Solar Inverters
  • Energy Storage
  • Wind Turbines


Typical Applications:

One-Phase Full Bridge PFC (Unidirectional) + Full-Wave LLC DC/DC Converters:

This AC/DC converter can be used for Consumer and Industrial applications, such as streetlights, laptops and cell phone chargers, fan and motor controllers, etc. This is a unidirectional SMPS. 

One-Phase Full Bridge PFC (Unidirectional) + Full wave LLC DCDC Converters MCC



Three-Phase 2-Level Full-Bridge PFC (Bidirectional) + Half-Bridge LLC DC/DC Converters: 
This AC/DC converter can be used on EV charging stations, on-board chargers, inverters (wind turbines and solar panels). This is a bidirectional SMPS. 
Three-Phase 2-level Full Bridge PFC (Bidirectional) + H Bridge LLC DCDC Converters.MCC



Three-Phase 3-level Vienna PFC (Unidirectional):
This is one of the various topologies used for high-power three-phase power factor corrections (PFC) applications. This topology provides low THD of the input grid.
3-phase 3-level vienna PFC (Unidirectional)MCC



Three-Phase High-Voltage, High-Power Motor Control (Single Phase PWM Rectifier + Three-Phase PWM Inverter):
High-power applications require regulating and controlling inductive system loads to avoid power loss, dephasing of AC lines, and increased energy bills a sudden power surge could create. A frequency inverter, like the one in the schematic, is necessary to prevent this from happening.
3-Phase High Voltage, High-Power Motor Control (Single Phase PWM Rectifier + 3-Phase PWM Inverter) MCC



Parametrics, Datasheets & ECAD file:


Type Package

Drain-source Voltage (VDS)

Gate Source Voltage (VGSmax) RDS(ON)
Continuous Drain Current (ID)


SICW080N120Y-BP SiC MOSFETs TO-247-3 1200V -8V/ +22V 0.085 38A Datasheet
SICW080N120Y4 SiC MOSFETs TO-247-4 1200V -8V/ +22V 0.085 39A Datasheet


The SICW080N120Y-BP ECAD file is also available to aid in product design.

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January 11, 2023
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