Win With Low On-Resistance in a TO-247-4 Package with Kelvin Source Pin

We’re pleased to introduce our latest high-performance component — our 1200V SiC N-channel MOSFET. With an impressively low on-resistance of just 28mΩ at a gate-source voltage of 18V, SICW028N120A4-BP is engineered to deliver in demanding high-power applications. 

Housed in a TO-247-4 package, this MOSFET works well with the popular D2PAK 4-pin footprint and includes a Kelvin source pin for significant reduction in switching losses and a boost in energy efficiency. 

A high operating junction temperature of up to +175°C and excellent thermal stability ensure our new SiC MOSFET will revolutionize power management in a diverse range of industrial and commercial devices that must perform in harsh conditions.

MCC is your total solutions partner for advanced discrete semiconductors that help our world become more connected without compromising quality. And our new SiC MOSFET is the perfect component for the job.

Features & Benefits:
  • 1200V blocking voltage capability
  • 28mΩ low on-resistance
  • Kelvin source pin for enhanced switching
  • Avalanche ruggedness for durability
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • High operating junction temperature range (+175°C)
  • D2PAK-compatible 4-pin TO-247-4 package

Product Highlights

MCC Semi’s 1200V SiC MOSFET boasts outstanding efficiency and performance, which translates to cost savings in more ways than one. Excellent thermal management eliminates the need for bulky cooling systems, further increasing reliability while reducing space required on the footprint. 

And the 4-pin package ensures high-power handling in tight spaces, empowering designers to create sleeker products that don’t skimp on reliability. This advanced component is consistent when and where it matters most.

1200V, 80A N-Channel SiC


Enhanced Energy Efficiency

With on-resistance of only 28mΩ, this SiC MOSFET dramatically reduces conduction losses, improving the system's overall efficiency in high-power applications.

1200V 28mΩ SiC


Improved Thermal Management

Our MOSFET’s superior thermal performance ensures efficient heat management, eliminating the need for additional cooling components while increasing product reliability and lifespan.

1200V 28mΩ SiC


Increased Power Density

The 4-pin TO-247-4 package is compatible with the compact D2PAK footprint, enabling high-power handling in power electronics designs where space is limited.

1200V 28mΩ SiC


Reliability in Harsh Conditions

With its high avalanche ruggedness and ability to operate at high junction temperatures of +175°C, our MOSFET guarantees uninterrupted operation in harsh environments.


Our 1200V SiC MOSFET is the robust and reliable solution for a host of industrial and commercial applications where high-voltage and harsh conditions are part of the job, including:

industrial motors control mcc semi micro commercial components 700x500 Renewable Energy Systems -  mcc semi micro commercial components 700x500


computing - mcc semi - micro commercial component 700x500


Industrial Renewable Energy Computing
  • Motor drives
  • Industrial power supplies
  • Welding equipment
  • High-voltage DC-DC converters
  • Battery chargers
  • Solar inverters
  • Energy storage systems (ESS)
  • High-efficiency power supplies for data center
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems



Product Attributes, Parametrics & Datasheets




Drain-Source Voltage (VDS)

Continuous Drain Current (ID)

On-Resistance RDS(ON) Max.


SICW028N120A4-BP SiC MOSFET TO-247-4 1200V 80A 28mΩ Info


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Post by MCC
February 12, 2024
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