TOLL-8L Package Delivers Unmatched Power Density in a Compact Footprint

MCC Semi is thrilled to unleash the latest in our advanced automotive lineup: our 60V N-channel MOSFET. Engineered to redefine power efficiency and reliability in auto applications, MCTL150N06YHE3 boasts an on-resistance of 2.4mΩ. Its innovative TOLL-8L package delivers high power density in a compact footprint with exceptional thermal efficiency. 

Full AEC-Q101 qualification and junction temperatures up to 175⁰C ensure this component is more than capable of handling harsh conditions.

Empowered by split-gate trench (SGT) technology, our new 60V MOSFET is ready to enhance performance and efficiency in lighting controls, motor drives, and other demanding auto applications.

Features & Benefits:
  • AEC-Q101 Qualified: for high durability
  • SGT Technology: for enhanced efficiency and performance
  • Superior Thermal Performance: for optimized heat dissipation
  • Low RDS(on): for minimized power loss and increased energy efficiency
  • High Power Density TOLL-8L Package: compact yet powerful design
  • High Junction Temperature: up to 175℃ for operational stability in extreme conditions

Product Highlights  

Designed for efficiency, our new auto-grade 60V MOSFET is ready to enhance overall reliability in a host of electronic systems. This component offers the perfect mix of power density and peak performance.

Compact & Powerful: 60V Auto-Grade N-Channel MOSFET in TOLL Package


Enhanced Reliability

Full AEC-Q101 qualification assures high durability and consistent performance, making this MOSFET reliable in harsh automotive environments.

Compact & Powerful: 60V Auto-Grade N-Channel MOSFET in TOLL Package


Improved Efficiency

With SGT Technology and low RDSon, our MOSFET maximizes energy efficiency, reducing power losses and enhancing overall operation.

Compact & Powerful: 60V Auto-Grade N-Channel MOSFET in TOLL Package


Optimal Thermal Management

The superior thermal performance of the TOLL package enables efficient heat dissipation, ensuring prolonged and stable operation.

Compact & Powerful: 60V Auto-Grade N-Channel MOSFET in TOLL Package


Compact Design, High Power Output

The high power density package facilitates high power output in a compact footprint, ideal for automotive applications where space is limited.


Our new 60V MOSFET packs robust power into a small package, making it the ideal solution for diverse automotive applications where space is limited, including:

dc-dc phase switching circuitry - mcc semi - micro commercial components 500x300

water pump - application - mcc semi - micro commercial components 500x300

lighting car - automotive - 500x300

seat control - automotive - car - application - mcc semi - micro commercial components 500x300 (1)


DC-DC Converters

Electric Power Steering (EPS) & Electric Water Pumps

Lighting Controls

Seat Control Systems & Motor Drives

  • Enhanced reliability 
  • Efficient conversion of power
  • Stable output and optimization
  • Optimal EPS power distribution 
  • Enhanced EPS efficiency and responsiveness
  • Reliable power delivery for water pump operations
  • Improved efficiency and durability in electric water pump applications 
  • Precision control for auto lighting applications
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Enhanced safety features in automotive circuitry
  • Robust power handling capabilities
  • Consistent operation and reliability in motor drives
  • Precise control and management of seat adjustment systems
  • Seamless integration for enhanced user experience and comfort


Product Attributes, Parametrics & Datasheet 




Drain-Source Voltage VDS

Drain-Source On-Resistance RDS(ON)

Mounting Type



N-Channel Power MOSFET




Surface-Mount (SMD)


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Post by MCC
July 1, 2024
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