Protect Auto & Industrial Applications with Versatile, Cost-Effective Solutions

We’re proud to announce our latest collection of automotive-grade Zener diodes with voltages ranging from 2.4V to 47V. 

Fully AEC-Q101 qualified, these components are a cost-effective alternative to traditional voltage regulators. Their compact DFN1006 package measures just 1mm x 0.6mm, only adding to their appeal in applications where space is limited. 

Made for reliability in harsh conditions, these 150mW Zener diodes feature junction temperature ratings of up to 150℃ — ideal for demanding auto and industrial applications. 

MCC’s auto-grade 150mW Zener diode family combines the features you need for durable protection with compactness, affordability, and versatility for application after application.

Features & Benefits:
  • AEC-Q101 qualified
  • High operating junction temperature of up to 150℃
  • Wide selection of voltage options: from 2.4V to 47V
  • Compact DFN1006 package
  • Low leakage current
  • High reliability and durability
  • RoHS-compliant (lead-free)

Product Highlights

MCC Semi’s auto-grade 150mW Zener diode family provides a wide range of reliable regulation and overvoltage protection solutions. When durability and performance are essential, space is limited, and overall design costs are a factor, our Zener diode collection is the clear choice.

Automotive-Grade 150mW Zener Diodes


Reliable Voltage Regulation

Our Zener diodes are an affordable solution, ensuring stable voltage levels and consistent operation for various electronic components found in auto and industrial systems.

Automotive-Grade 150mW Zener Diodes


Overvoltage Protection

These diodes add an additional level of protection, preventing damage from excessive voltage and improving overall reliability by safeguarding sensitive components from voltage spikes.

Automotive-Grade 150mW Zener Diodes


Automotive Grade Certification

MCC’s components meet rigorous AEC-Q101 automotive industry standards for reliability and durability in auto and other applications where performance is mission-critical.

Automotive-Grade 150mW Zener Diodes


Compact and Versatile Design

With a compact DFN1006 package measuring only 1mm x 0.6mm, our Zener diodes offer a small form factor well-suited for space-constrained designs in diverse applications.


Our 150mW Zener diode lineup delivers the voltage regulation, overvoltage protection, and reliability required for a range of automotive and industrial applications. These diodes are optimal for the following devices and systems:

automotive car mcc semi micro commercial components


Industrial power - mcc - micro commercial components


renewable energy solar wind mcc semi micro commercial components 700x500


Automotive Industrial Renewable Energy
  • Engine control units (ECUs)
  • Power management systems
  • Battery charging circuits
  • Lighting systems
  • Audio systems
  • Instrument clusters
  • Power supplies and converters
  • Industrial control systems
  • Programmable logic controllers (PLCs)
  • Motor control circuits
  • Robotics and automation systems
  • HVAC controls
  • Solar power systems
  • Wind power systems
  • Energy storage systems (ESS)
  • Inverters


Product Attributes, Parametrics & Datasheets




Power Dissipation (PD)

Nominal Voltage

Test Current (IZTC)

Mounting Type


BZT52C2V4L3PHE3-TP Zener Diodes DFN1006-2L 150mW 2.4V 5mA Surface Mount Info
BZT52C2V7L3PHE3-TP Zener Diodes DFN1006-2L 150mW 2.7V 5mA Surface Mount Info
BZT52C36L3PHE3-TP Zener Diodes DFN1006-2L 150mW 36V 2mA Surface Mount


BZT52C39L3PHE3-TP Zener Diodes DFN1006-2L 150mW 39V 2mA Surface Mount


BZT52C7V5L3PHE3-TP Zener Diodes DFN1006-2L 150mW 7.5V 5mA Surface Mount


BZT52C8V2L3PHE3-TP Zener Diodes DFN1006-2L 150mW 8.2V 5mA Surface Mount



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January 23, 2024
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