Versatility and Performance in Three In-Demand Packages: DFN333, DFN5060, and DPAK

MCC Semi expanded our growing auto-grade portfolio with three new 60V N-channel MOSFETs: MCU75N06YHE3-TP, MCG60N06YHE3-TP, and MCAC65N06YHE3 - TP.

Leveraging split-gate trench (SGT) MOSFET technology, our new products deliver optimal performance, efficiency, and thermal management, making them the intelligent choice for a range of demanding auto applications.

With on-resistance as low as 4.8mΩ, these AEC-Q101 qualified MOSFETs guarantee optimal power flow while significantly reducing power losses.

DFN333, DFN5060, and DPAK package options enable design flexibility and compatibility with various automotive systems.

MCG60N06YHE3 DFN3333 MCCsemi Micro Commercial Components -1



MCAC65N06YHE3 DFN5060MCCsemi Micro Commercial Components -3



Features & Benefits:
  • Split-gate trench (SGT) MOSFET technology
  • AEC-Q101 qualified
  • Superior performance and functionality
  • Flexibility in design with DPAK, DFN333, and DFN5060 packages
  • Optimal power flow
  • Reduced power losses
  • Suitable for high-performance auto applications
  • High-density cell design for ultra-low RDS(on)
  • Lead-free finish/RoHS-compliant

Product Highlights

60V Auto-Grade N-Channel MOSFETs


Enhanced Performance and Functionality

These N-channel MOSFETs use SGT technology to provide superior performance and functionality compared to standard MOSFET technology.

60V Auto-Grade N-Channel MOSFETs


Multiple Package Options for Design Flexibility

Three different package options (DFN3333, DFN5060, and DPAK) allow for flexibility in design and compatibility with diverse automotive systems.

60V Auto-Grade N-Channel MOSFETs


Ultra-Low RDS(on) for Optimal Power Flow and Efficiency

With an on-resistance as low as 4.8mΩ, these MOSFETs ensure optimal power flow and enhance efficiency by reducing power losses.

60V Auto-Grade N-Channel MOSFETs


AEC-Q101 Qualified for Harsh Auto Conditions

Our MOSFETs meet stringent AEC-Q101 qualification standards, ensuring reliability and durability for automotive applications.

Automotive Applications

Our 60V MOSFETs are available in multiple package options to help you specify the ideal solutions for a range of applications, including:

Automotive Applications  Chassis & Cooling Systems - mcc - mcc semi - micro commercial components


Automotive Applications  Body Electronics - mcc - mcc semi - micro commercial components


Automotive Applications  Lighting Systems - mcc - mcc semi - micro commercial components


Chassis & Cooling Systems Body Electronics Lighting
  • Electric power steering (EPS)
  • Electric water pumps
  • Fan motor drives
  • Electric seat controls
  • Door locks
  • Lighting systems
  • Interior LED lighting
  • Exterior LED lighting


Product Attributes, Parametrics & Datasheets




Drain-Source Voltage (VDS)

Current-Continuous Drain (ID) @25C

Mounting Type


MCU75N06YHE3-TP N-Channel Power MOSFET DPAK 60V 75A Surface-Mount (SMD) Info
MCG60N06YHE3-TP N-Channel Power MOSFET DFN3333 60V 60A Surface-Mount (SMD) Info
MCAC65N06YHE3 - TP N-Channel Power MOSFET DFN5060 60V 65A Surface-Mount (SMD) Info


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October 25, 2023
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