Get Next-Gen Protection Now in Compact DFN2510-10 and DFN1110-3 Packages

MCC Semi is proud to announce our 24V snap-back ESD protection devices. Crafted with precision, ESDSBLC2424P5WFHE3 and ESDSBLC24VPUBWFHE3 offer unparalleled protection for two or four bidirectional data lines. 

Each component boasts full AEC-Q101 qualification and ultra-low capacitance of 5pF to 6pF (typ). These ESD protection devices are available in sleek DFN2510-10 or DFN1110-3 packages and deliver reliable performance and unquestionable quality. 

Optimized clamping voltages of 34V or 35V ensure protection by absorbing harmful energy spikes and lightning strikes. Both components have passed the IEC 61000-4-5 lightning standard with 5A (8/20μs) and the IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD) immunity test with air and contact discharge rates of ±30kV.

Maintaining high-quality, high-speed data transmission has never been more reliable. Our new ESD protection devices extend equipment lifespans while enhancing overall system efficiency.

MCC’s Auto-Grade AEC-Q 24V Snap-Back ESD Solutions - DFN2510-10 DFN1110-3 - mcc semi - micro commercial components

AEC-Q101 qualified

Features & Benefits:
  • AECQ-101 qualified
  • Ultra-low capacitance
  • Optimized clamping voltage
  • Protection for 2 or 4 bidirectional lines
  • IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD) immunity test:
    -Air discharge: ±30kV
    - Contact discharge: ±30kV
  • IEC 61000-4-5 (Lightning): 5A (8/20μs)
  • Side wettable flanks for improved solderability
  • DFN2510-10 package (ESDSBLC2424P5WFHE3)
  • DFN1110-3 package (ESDSBLC24VPUBWFHE3)

Product Highlights 

Discover the advantages of MCC’s 24V Snap-Back ESD Protection Devices, designed to elevate durability and performance for diverse automotive and industrial systems:

24V Auto-Grade Snap-Back ESD Protection Devices


Enhanced System Reliability

Full AEC-Q101 qualification ensures our products meet the highest automotive quality standards, guaranteeing reliable protection against ESD and lightning strikes.

24V Auto-Grade Snap-Back ESD Protection Devices


Improved Signal Integrity

With ultra-low capacitance values of 5pF to 6pF (typ), MCC’s ESD protection devices preserve the quality and speed of data transmission, which is crucial for high-speed automotive and industrial interfaces.

24V Auto-Grade Snap-Back ESD Protection Devices


Superior Performance

Optimized clamping voltages of 34V or 35V deliver efficient energy absorption while safeguarding sensitive components from electrical stress during spikes.

24V Auto-Grade Snap-Back ESD Protection Devices


Extended Equipment Lifespan

Mitigating the risks of electrical damage caused by ESD, these components promote longer operational lifetimes of automotive and industrial systems, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.


Superior protection from ESD and lightning makes these devices the ideal solution for protecting two or four bidirectional data lines in automotive and industrial applications:

Control Area Network (CAN) bus 700x500 mcc semi micro commercial components

industrial control units mcc semi micro commercial components 700x500



  • CAN bus
  • FlexRay bus
  • Automation systems
  • Control units

Product Attributes, Parametrics & Datasheets




Reverse Standoff Voltage VRWM

Maximum Peak Pulse Current IPP

Number of Functions

Mounting Type



ESD Protection Device





Surface-mount (SMD)



ESD Protection Device





Surface-mount (SMD)


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April 2, 2024
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