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Unleash the Power of High-Voltage Performance with MCC’s IGBT PIM Solutions

Compact yet powerful, MCC’s IGBT PIMs pack quite a punch. These components integrate multiple power-switching devices into a single package. Choose from E1, E1A, and E2A to get the job done with greater control in a streamlined design. 

Our IGBT PIMs enable engineers to maximize power delivery while reducing overall size and costs for components and heat sinks. Made for easy mounting and installation, these modules are in demand for high-power Industrial applications.



Features & Benefits:

  • Trench IGBT technology
  • Three-Phase Input Rectifier Topology
  • Isolated heat sink using DBC technology
  • Low switching loss
  • Fast & soft recovery anti-parallel FWD
  • High short circuit ruggedness
  • Positive temperature coefficient for easy paralleling


Transform Your Designs with Advanced PIM Technology + Three-Phase Input Rectifier Topology

1200V IGBT PIM multi device switching in one package MCC-1 1200V IGBT PIM streamlined footprint drives cost savings MCC-1 1200V IGBT PIM modular design simplifies installation MCC-1 1200V IGBT PIM ideal for high power fast switching MCC-1



Industrial Automation IGBT applications MCC Renewable Energy IGBT applications MCC Power Electronics IGBT applications MCC
Industrial Automation Renewable Energy Power Electronics
  • Motor driver
  • Power supplies/inverters
  • Electric compressors & heaters
  • Motor control circuits
  • Welding machines
  • Wind turbines
  • Photovoltaic/solar inverters
  • Energy storage systems (ESS)
  • UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
  • Power factor correction
  • Power supplies, including telecom and data center equipment


Product Attributes, Parametrics, Datasheet:


Voltage Current


Device Package Vce (on) Mounting Type

Info/Data Sheet

MIP25R12E1TN-BP 1200V 25A 166W Module E1 2.25V @15V, 25A Chassis Mount info
MIP50R12E1ATN-BP 1200V 50A 288W Module E1A 2.3V @15V, 50A Chassis Mount info
MIP50R12E2ATN-BP 1200V 50A 288W Module E2A 2.3V @ 15V, 50A Chassis Mount info
MIP75R12E2ATN-BP 1200V 75A 476W Module E2A 2.15V @ 15V, 75A Chassis Mount Info


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March 6, 2023
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