Ultra-Compact 1x1mm DFN Package with ESD Protection & 250mΩ RDS(on)

MCC Semi is proud to announce our latest component with serious benefits: SI3134KU6. This 20V dual N-channel MOSFET was meticulously designed for high-speed switching. 

Its ultra-compact DFN1010 package only takes up 1x1mm of space while delivering a low input gate charge and ESD-protected gate input up to 2kV.

When component density counts, our new 20V MOSFET is the product for the job — whether it’s a computing, industrial, telecom, or consumer application. 

The newest star in our lineup leverages trench LV MOSFET technology and MCC reliability to offer engineers the ideal component for motherboards, charging circuits, automation controls, and more.

Features & Benefits:
  • Trench low voltage (LV) MOSFET technology
  • Dual N-channel MOSFET with single function
  • Compact 1mm x 1mm size
  • DFN1010 package
  • ESD protected up to 2kV
  • Low gate charge
  • 250mΩ RDS(on)
  • Ideal for high-speed switching

Product Highlights

Our latest small signal MOSFET is big on the features and benefits that really add up — from optimized energy, efficiency, and performance to a small but mighty DFN package.

20V 250mΩ Dual N-Channel MOSFET


Space Efficiency

Boasting an ultra-compact 1xmm DFN package, this MOSFET packs a punch with high-density component integration, saving valuable real estate on the board.

20V 250mΩ Dual N-Channel MOSFET


High-Speed Performance

Our MOSFET is engineered to excel during rapid switching, reducing power losses and improving overall efficiency in high-frequency applications.

20V 250mΩ Dual N-Channel MOSFET


Enhanced Durability

With built-in ESD protection up to 2kV, this MOSFET is less susceptible to damage from electrostatic discharges, enhancing product reliability.

20V 250mΩ Dual N-Channel MOSFET


Energy-Saving Design

Energy-efficient operation is assured thanks to a low gate charge that minimizes power consumption during switching.


A solution with built-in ESD protection, MCC’s 20V dual-channel MOSFET offers the versatility and performance to suit diverse high-switching applications, including:

portable charger - mcc semi - micro commercial components 500x300

Motherboard voltage regulation modules mcc semi - micro commercial components 500x300

Industrial sensor interfaces - mcc semi - micro commercial components  500x300

high-speed data transmission - mcc semi - micro commercial components 500x300





  • Smartphone and tablet power management
  • Portable device charging circuits
  • Motherboard voltage regulation modules
  • High-speed computing interface drivers
  • Automated machinery control systems
  • Industrial sensor interfaces
  • Line drivers for high-speed data transmission


Product Attributes, Parametrics & Datasheet




Drain-Source Voltage 


Drain-Source On-Resistance (RDSON)

Mounting Type



Small Signal MOSFET




Surface-mount (SMD)



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Post by MCC
March 19, 2024
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