MCC’s AEC-Q101 Qualified MOSFETs in DFN Packages Ensure Efficiency & Reliability

We’re pleased to introduce five additions to our Automotive-grade lineup designed to deliver in the most demanding applications. 

Ranging from 40V to 100V, these N-channel and P-channel power MOSFETs are AEC-Q101 qualified, PPAP capable, and proven to perform. Leveraging two innovative MOSFET technologies — trench and split-gate trench — our new products provide flexibility and a host of advantages.

Our new trench power low-voltage (LV) MOSFETs, MCG30N04HE3-TP and MCG35N04HE3-TP, provide low on-resistance and precise field distribution. The larger gate surface also ensures superior power handling and optimized switching performance, making these products ideal for Auto systems from EPS to lighting and more.  

And our split-gate trench (SGT) MOSFETs, MCG40N10YHE3-TP, MCAC80P06YHE3-TP, and MCG15P10YHE3-TP, provide low on-resistance, enhanced control over the electric field distribution, and exceptional performance in high-switching applications. The SGT design performs well for high-voltage devices, including Auto power supplies, DC-DC converters, other crucial auto functions, and Industrial uses. 

Available in DFN3333 and DFN5060 packages, these products offer superior heat dissipation with the option for a compact design to save space and reduce overall BOM costs.  

No matter which of these AEC-Q101 qualified MOSFETs you choose, you’ll leverage the efficiency and reliability to meet the most demanding Automotive environments.

DFN5060 MCC AEC-Q101 qualified new product


DFN3333 MCC AEC-Q101 qualified


Features & Benefits:
  • AEC-Q101 qualified
  • Trench MOSFET & split-gate trench MOSFET technology
  • Low RDS(on) minimizes conduction losses
  • Low capacitance reduces driver losses
  • Excellent packages for heat dissipation
  • Available in two compact package sizes: DFN5060 and DFN3333
  • Halogen-free “green” device
  • Epoxy meets UL 94 V-0 flammability rating
  • Lead-free finish/RoHS compliant

Product Highlights

40V to 100V Automotive-Grade N- and P-Channel Power MOSFETs


High Power Handling

Our new MOSFET lineup has been designed and proven to meet rigorous Auto requirements, including AEC-Q101, for reliable performance in worst-case Automotive environments.

40V to 100V Automotive-Grade N- and P-Channel Power MOSFETs


Fast Switching Speed

With optimized gate charges, our new MOSFETs enable fast switching, minimize power losses, and improve overall system efficiency.

40V to 100V Automotive-Grade N- and P-Channel Power MOSFETs


Enhanced Space Efficiency

The compact DFN3333 package size allows for optimal space utilization, making these MOSFETs suitable where PCB  space is limited but expectations on performance are not.

40V to 100V Automotive-Grade N- and P-Channel Power MOSFETs


Temperature Resilience

These MCC N-channel and P-channel power MOSFETs are designed to provide excellent heat dissipation, making them ideal for harsh Automotive conditions.


These Automotive-grade MOSFETs are designed for durability and reliable performance in a range of applications with harsh environments.

Automotive MCC mccsemi 700x300 industrial MCC mccsemi 700x300
Automotive Industrial
  • Battery charging
  • Battery management systems (BMS)
  • Automotive lighting
  • Electric power steering (EPS)
  • Motor drives
  • DC-DC converters
  • DC-DC converters
  • High voltage protection
  • Motor controls


Product Attributes, Parametrics, & Datasheets




Drain-Source Voltage (VDS)

Current-Continuous Drain (ID) @25C

Mounting Type


MCG30N04HE3-TP N-Channel MOSFET DFN3333 40V 30A Surface-Mount (SMD) Info
MCG35N04HE3-TP N-Channel MOSFET DFN3333 40V 35A Surface-Mount (SMD) Info
MCG40N10YHE3-TP N-Channel MOSFET   DFN3333 100V 40A Surface-Mount (SMD) Info
MCAC80P06YHE3-TP P-Channel MOSFET DFN5060 60V 80A Surface-Mount (SMD) Info
MCG15P10YHE3-TP P-Channel MOSFET DFN3333 100V 15A Surface-Mount (SMD) Info


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September 21, 2023
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