Get the footprint & efficiency you need in our SOD-123FL package

MCC added three surface-mount fast recovery rectifiers to its innovative lineup, with voltage options ranging from 400V to 1000V.

With high efficiency and ultra-fast recovery, these rectifiers are ideal for high-frequency applications where the switching rate is high, and the diode’s transition from forward to reverse is constant.

Speed Meets High Performance in MCC’s 1.5 Amp Fast Recovery Rectifier Micro Commercial Components (1)
Features & Benefits:
  • Rapid recovery times compared to traditional rectifiers
  • Voltage range of 400V to 1000V
  • Surface-mount design
  • Low-profile, SOD-123FL package
  • Enhanced efficiency due to faster recovery
  • High reliability
  • Ideal for designs where space is limited

Product Highlights 

1.5 Amp Ultra-fast Power Rectifier


Compact design

The small SOD-123FL package makes these rectifiers an obvious choice for applications where space is limited.

1.5 Amp Ultra-fast Power Rectifier


Rapid recovery time

Suitable for high-frequency applications, these rectifiers reduce switching losses and minimize EMI/RFI. 

1.5 Amp Ultra-fast Power Rectifier


Free-wheeling diode

Diode allows current to flow during the reverse voltage phase when the current running through the inductive load changes direction.

1.5 Amp Ultra-fast Power Rectifier


Antiparallel diode for switching device

Antiparallel design enhances reliability and simplifies circuit design while protecting against reverse voltage.


MCC’s 1.5 Amp Fast Recovery Rectifiers are designed to deliver in a broad range of electronic devices and applications, including:

Industrial MCC micro commercial Components consumer electronics MCC micro commercial Components consumer electronics audio MCC micro commercial Components
Industrial Consumer Computing & Personal Electronics
  • AC/DC converters
  • Power supplies
  • Motor control circuits
  • Power factor correction
  • Mini-adapters
  • Power adapters
  • Interior LED lighting
  • Consumer electronics
  • Mini-adapters
  • Power adapters
  • Audio & video equipment


These versatile fast-recovery rectifiers deliver the performance, speed, and size to optimize a host of high-frequency operations that switch between forward and reverse modes.

Combined with a surface-mount design and low profile, our 1.5 Amp Fast Recovery Rectifiers provide countless opportunities for space-constrained applications. 

Product Attributes, Parametrics, Datasheets:




Maximum Recurrent Peak Reverse Voltage

Average Forward Current (IF(AV))

Maximum Reverse Recovery Time(trr)



FSM154PL-TP Fast recovery rectifiers SOD-123-FL 400V 1.5A 150ns Info
FSM155PL-TP Fast recovery rectifiers SOD-123-FL 600V 1.5A 250ns Info
FSM157PL-TP Fast recovery rectifiers SOD-123-FL 1000V 1.5A 500ns Info


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May 8, 2023
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