Building on Last Year’s Success with Sponsorship in FIRST Competition

After a triumphant win at the 2023 FIRST® Robotics Indiana State Championship and advancement to the FIRST® Championship, the Roboblazers have set their sights on new challenges and achievements in the 2024 season. 

FIRST® Robotics Competition is an annual event where teams design, program, and build a robot. All teams begin with a common set of rules to play and a standard kit of parts to ultimately go head-to-head in themed challenges that facilitate teamwork, innovation, and creativity.  

Founded in 2019 at University High School, the RoboBlazers (7617) have already advanced to the FIRST Championship three times! Last year, MCC proudly supported the Roboblazers on their journey to the FIRST® Championship in Houston, Texas. 

Here are some fun highlights from that event:


This year, we’re doubling down on the RoboBlazers’ ingenuity and enthusiasm, which they have already demonstrated. Working hard over the summer break to optimize their robot’s drivetrain, these young innovators reignited their passion for winning. The team spent the offseason preparing for the upcoming competition by:

  • Showcasing their skills at the Indiana Robotics Invitational (IRI), an off-season FIRST®  Robotics Competition event hosted in Indianapolis
  • Engineering a cutting-edge swerve drive for the RoboBlazers’ robot to enhance performance in autonomous routines throughout the competition

This growing team of 19 includes new and seasoned members, creating the perfect mix of experience and fresh thinking. Fueled by last year’s success, the team is already meeting four days a week, plus putting in extensive work on Saturdays. They’ve streamlined their robot design process by formulating a “NEED, WANT, PROBABLY WON’T DO” list to help them prioritize the tasks with the biggest impact. 

RoboBlazers & MCC teamwork first meeting 700x400 (2) RoboBlazers & MCC teamwork first meeting 700x400 (3)
RoboBlazers & MCC teamwork first meeting 700x400 (4) RoboBlazers & MCC teamwork first meeting 700x400

Pictures: Courtesy of RoboBlazers Team.

With these passionate, creative, and hard-working youth on our side, we can’t lose! Stay tuned for updates on the RoboBlazers’ journey as the competition heats up over the next few months. MCC is also sponsoring Team HOTH from Chicago this year.


Post by MCC
January 20, 2024
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