Drive Efficient High-Power Performance with up to 200V in DPAK and D2PAK Packages

MCC has introduced a line of AEC-Q101-qualified Schottky barrier rectifiers made to power the Auto industry. With a voltage range of 45V to 200V, common cathode configuration, low forward voltage, and short recovery time, these components deliver efficiency in high-power and high-speed switching applications, including DC-DC converters and a host of electronic components.

High-Power Schottky Barrier Rectifiers 45V to 200V MCC
Features & Benefits:
  • Automotive grade
  • DPAK and D2PAK packages
  • Voltage range of 45V to 200V
  • Common cathode configuration
  • Low forward voltage
  • Short recovery time
  • Highly efficient for high-power and high-speed switching applications
  • Low power losses
  • Suitable for DC-DC converters
  • AEC-Q101 qualified

Advanced Solutions for Efficiency in Automotive, Industrial, and Beyond

High-Power Schottky Barrier Rectifiers: 45V to 200V


Easy to integrate/versatile

Easy to integrate into existing systems, these rectifiers are ideal for DC-DC converters and high-speed switching applications.

High-Power Schottky Barrier Rectifiers: 45V to 200V


Broad Power Range

Voltage ranging from 45V to 200V and current up to 30A make these rectifiers suitable for various high-power applications.

High-Power Schottky Barrier Rectifiers: 45V to 200V


Improved efficiency and performance

Low forward voltage and short recovery time deliver higher efficiency and improved performance.

High-Power Schottky Barrier Rectifiers: 45V to 200V



Enhanced energy savings make these components a cost-effective solution for high-power and high-speed switching applications.



Automotive ESD-Q applications MCC Industrial MCC Renewable Energy IGBT applications MCC
Automotive Industrial Renewable
  • Automotive electronics
  • LED lighting systems
  • DC-DC converters
  • Power supplies
  • Industrial automation
  • Switching regulators
  • Motor control circuits
  • Solar power systems
  • Inverters


Product Attributes, Parametrics, Datasheets:


Maximum Recurrent Peak Reverse Voltage

Maximum RMS Voltage

Maximum DC Blocking Voltage

Average Rectified Forward Current IF(AV)


Instantaneous Forward Voltage



Package Type



MBRB10200CTQ-TP 200V 70V  200V 10A 0.90V D2-PAK Info
MBRB30200CTQ-TP 200V 140V 200V 30A 0.90V D2-PAK Info
MBRD1045CTQ-TP 45V  32V 45V 10A 0.58V DPAK Info


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Post by MCC
March 28, 2023
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