Automotive Schottky Barrier Rectifiers

MCC's automotive Schottky barrier rectifiers are ideal for low-power, high-efficiency applications

MCC extends their SMD automotive portfolio for high-power, small area, and high surge forward current requirements with the MBR Schottky barrier rectifiers. These rectifiers are available in a TO-277 package, allowing current capacities up to 15 A, blocking voltages from 45 V to 200 V, and small reverse currents of 10 µA at 25°C.

Key Features:

  • AEC-Q101 qualified
  • High surge forward current capability
  • Low power loss, high efficiency
  • Halogen-free and green device
  • High voltage (200 V) and current capabilities (up to 15 A)
  • Low reverse current


  • Low-power, high-efficiency applications
  • Reverse battery protection
  • DC/DC blocking/conducting element on SMPS
  • Freewheeling applications
  • OR-ing bus voltages


  • Small VF (Forward Voltage)
  • Very Fast Reverse Recovery
  • Low capacitance of the junction

Design Considerations:

  • Reverse leakage current should be taken into consideration at higher temperatures
  • For higher voltages, Fast Recovery Diodes are more efficient.
  • VF decreases with increased temperature

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Package Forward Current IF (A) Reverse Current VRWM (V) Forward Voltage VF (V) Reverse Leakage Current IR(µA)
MBR15U45HE3 Yes Yes Single TO-277 15 45 0.54 100
MBR5U60SHE3 Yes Yes Single TO-277 5 60 0.65 100
MBR15U60HE3 Yes Yes Single TO-277 15 60 0.68 100
MBR5U100HHE3 Yes Yes Single TO-277 5 100 0.80 10
MBR10U100HHE3 Yes Yes Single TO-277 10 100 0.85 10
MBR10U200HE3 Yes Yes Single TO-277 10 200 0.85 100



Post by MCC
August 15, 2022
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