Get to Market Faster with a Competitive Edge 

No matter how innovative or unique the design, if necessary components aren’t delivered in a timely manner, manufacturers and design engineers won’t meet production schedules or be able to fulfill customer orders. 

These disruptions are more than slight headaches — they can add up to costly production delays, increased costs, customer complaints, and cut into the bottom line. Missing a time-to-market window by three months can shrink revenues by 27%.

Lead Time Trends Are Always Changing

In power electronics, lead times are unpredictable, especially as the marketplace recovers from years of disruption. Component procurement can be challenging at best, from supply and demand issues to global market conditions and unforeseen events like pandemics.

To help manage expectations, Future Electronics publishes quarterly updates on component lead times. According to Future’s Q3 20203 Market Conditions Report, MCC averages lead times nearly half of the rest of the industry in key categories, including: 

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How Can MCC Consistently Cut Lead Times?

The time between placing an order and receiving it is determined by several steps, such as order processing, manufacturing, testing, packaging, and shipping. And the greater control a supplier has over those stages, the shorter its lead times will be.

At MCC, take a multi-pronged approach to help ensure our clients get the semiconductors they need, when they need them:


Integrated Device Manufacturer (IDM) Model

Our IDM model enables us to provide supply chain assurance for our customers. From raw materials and wafer fabrication to manufacturing and distribution, ownership of these crucial links in the supply chain allows us to:

  • Anticipate industry and client needs
  • Scale up as needed 
  • Secure sufficient materials to keep pace with demand


Designing for Availability 

MCC’s team is always ready to provide guidance on leveraging components that are readily available for new products and redesigns.

Ongoing Trend Analysis

We monitor trends in logistics, supply, demand, raw materials, legislation, and other factors that could impact product availability. Our team also maintains regular communication with our distributor network to stay abreast of changes in the marketplace.

Responsive Support  

Our global network spans 20+ countries with experienced professionals on hand to conduct crosses and recommend drop-in replacements, functional equivalents, or functional alternatives for customers.  

Online Tools & Resources

Our website is a go-to source for useful tools to help source components that can get you to market faster — from cross-reference and EOL searches to inventory visibility.

Choose the Manufacturer with Proven Quality and Shorter Lead Times

When it comes to discrete semiconductor components, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for speed. MCC has consistently demonstrated helping clients get to market faster while maintaining the highest levels of quality and reliability. 

Count on us to deliver the advantages that add up:

  • Shorter lead times - meet your production schedules and keep customers happy
  • Reduced risk - minimize production delays that cut into the bottom line
  • Proven track record - when you’re in a time crunch, count on the supplier weeks and months ahead of the rest in key categories 
  • Reliable products - be certain the components you receive will perform to your specifications and requirements
  • Experts to help you quickly find replacements - from drop-ins to crosses, we’re here to source the right parts for your needs
  • Competitive pricing - control over the whole supply chain enables us to offer competitive prices that enable our customers 

Collaborating with authorized distributors or working directly with component manufacturers like MCC can help you navigate shortages and minimize delays by finding suitable replacements with shorter lead times. 

Need help with crosses or drop-in replacements? Let our team source components with shorter-than-average lead times for you!


Post by MCC
September 7, 2023
MCC is a proven global leader in discrete semiconductor solutions. With best-in-class service, a strategic support network and growing portfolio of 10,000+ high-quality components, we help our customers innovate in automotive, industrial and beyond.