AEC-Q101 Qualification and Compact DPAK Package Drive Ideal Performance

Meet MCC Semi’s latest innovation tailored specifically for the demanding automotive industry. Powered by 100V, MCU62N10YHE3 is the N-channel MOSFET that packs superior performance and handling into a small DPAK package.

Precision and efficiency come standard in this power MOSFET solution that features split-gate trench technology and RDS(on) of only 11mΩ. Made to withstand harsh automotive environments, our AEC-Q101 qualified component can handle 62A current capability and operating junction temps up to 175⁰C.

The ultra-compact package and ideal handling make our new MOSFET an effective solution for more than just the automotive sector. Engineers can rely on its powerful capabilities for consumer, industrial, and renewable energy applications.

Choose the component you’ll never have to question in challenging environments — our new auto-grade 100V MOSFET.

Features & Benefits:
  • AEC-Q101 qualification drives confidence
  • Split-gate trench (SGT) technology enhances performance
  • RDS(on) of only 11mΩ boosts efficiency
  • 62A current capability ensures performance
  • Compact DPAK package saves space and money
  • Junction temperature up to 175℃ for reliability in harsh conditions

Product Highlights

MCC’s auto-grade 100V MOSFET boasts features and benefits that satisfy the most stringent design requirements. From energy efficiency and thermal performance to space-saving design and AEC-Q101 qualification, this MOSFET is the clear winner.

Auto-Grade 100V 11mΩ N-Channel MOSFET


Enhanced Efficiency

Designed with on-resistance of only 11mΩ, this MOSFET minimizes power losses during operation and boosts overall system efficiency.

Auto-Grade 100V 11mΩ N-Channel MOSFET


High Thermal Performance

An operating junction temperature capability of up to 175⁰C and AEC-Q101 qualification ensure reliable performance under high-temp conditions found in automotive environments.

Auto-Grade 100V 11mΩ N-Channel MOSFET


Robust Power Handling

With a substantial 62A current capability, this MOSFET delivers robust power handling and distribution in demanding applications. 

Auto-Grade 100V 11mΩ N-Channel MOSFET


Compact Design with Rugged Packaging

Small yet sturdy, the DPAK package is optimal for space-constrained applications that require long-term durability and reliability.


Our latest 100V N-channel power MOSFET guarantees robust and reliable operation in a range of demanding applications, including:

Noise and ESD Protection Automotive Applications  AEC-Q101 qualified  - MCC - Micro commercial components

Industrial machinery and equipment micro commercial component mcc semi (500 x 300 px)

_Renewable energy systems - micro commercial components - mcc semi (500 x 300 px)

portable charger - mcc semi - micro commercial components 500x300



Renewable Energy


  • Battery management systems (BMS)
  • Lighting controls 
  • Motor drives
  • DC-DC converters
  • Power supply units (PSUs)
  • Motor controls 
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Solar inverters
  • Consumer devices
  • Portable chargers 

Product Attributes, Parametrics & Datasheet




Drain-Source Voltage (VDS)

Drain-Source On-Resistance (RDSON)

Continuous Drain Current (ID)

Mounting Type



N-Channel MOSFET





Surface-mount (SMD)


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March 18, 2024
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