Unlock High Power Potential in Demanding Automotive Applications

MCC Semi is pleased to introduce our latest power MOSFET with superior performance — the 150V MCB70N15YHE3-TP.

Expertly engineered for high-power applications, this durable and capable component ensures efficiency and reliability in a versatile D2PAK package. 

Robust construction and a low junction-to-case thermal resistance deliver excellent thermal properties and operating junction capabilities up to 175℃.

Our new 150V MOSFET boasts RDS(on) of only 17mΩ and full AEC-Q101 qualification, making it unstoppable when the job demands a potent power solution. 

When automotive or industrial designs have stringent requirements, go with the obvious choice for uncompromising quality and stability — MCC’s 150V auto-grade MOSFET.

Features & Benefits:
  • AEC-Q101 qualified
  • SGT technology
  • Excellent thermal properties
  • Low RDS(on) of 17mΩ
  • High power density D2PAK package
  • High junction temperature up to 175℃

Product Highlights

When the job requires high-power operation in a compact and versatile package, MCC Semi’s 150V auto-grade MOSFET is ready for duty. Choose the ultimate in efficiency and reliability with all the features on your design wish list.

150V Automotive Grade N-Channel Power MOSFET


Enhanced Reliability in Harsh Environments

AEC-Q101 qualification ensures our MOSFET will perform without question for the long haul under the rigorous conditions found in automotive applications.

150V Automotive Grade N-Channel Power MOSFET


Optimized Power Efficiency

With RDS(on) of only 17mΩ, this MOSFET minimizes conduction losses and reduces heat generation, enhancing overall efficiency.

150V Automotive Grade N-Channel Power MOSFET


Superior Thermal Management

Compact, high-power applications must reduce overheating, and our MOSFET delivers thermal stability under stress with low junction-to-case resistance and high junction temp capability up to 175°C.

150V Automotive Grade N-Channel Power MOSFET


Flexibility in Design

The D2PAK package offers high power density in a compact design, enabling engineers to develop more efficient and innovative systems without the constraints of component size or power limitations.


Well-equipped with efficiency, high power density, and versatility, our new auto-grade MOSFET is the ideal solution for diverse applications:

Automotive ESD-Q applications MCC

industrial motor drivers mcc semi - micro commercial components 800x500



  • Battery management systems (BMS)
  • Lighting control systems
  • Motor drives for electric and hybrid vehicles
  • DC-DC converters for automotive electronics
  • Motor drives
  • DC-DC converters

Product Attributes, Parametrics & Datasheet




Drain-Source Voltage (VDS)

Drain-Source On-Resistance (RDSON)

Mounting Type



N-Channel Power MOSFET







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March 15, 2024
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