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It’s no secret that 2023 was a challenging year for the electronic components industry. However, there were also many growth opportunities — with the right distributor partnerships. 

MCC Honors Future Electronics with Demand Creation Distributor of the Year Award at EDS Summit


We were thrilled to recognize Future Electronics as MCC’s 2023 Demand Creation Distributor of the Year and present the award at the EDS Leadership Summit in May 2024. This award celebrates Future Electronics’ exceptional performance in driving demand and fostering innovation on a global scale. 

Our longstanding partnership has been strengthened by a shared commitment to excellence and relentless dedication to surpassing customer expectations. Despite the industry challenges of 2023, Future demonstrated remarkable growth and played a pivotal role in expanding our market share. And the EDS Leadership Summit was the perfect atmosphere for celebrating the outstanding achievements of the Future Electronics team.

MCC’s relationship with Future is built on our alignment of values — from continuous improvement and innovation to customer satisfaction. Future Electronics’ Market Conditions Report is an invaluable resource that informs customers quarterly on worldwide industry trends. This report consistently reinforces one of MCC’s unique advantages: shorter lead times.  

We’d like to congratulate Future Electronics on being our 2023 Demand Creation Distributor of the Year, and look forward to a promising outlook of success going forward.


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Post by MCC
June 6, 2024
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