Design for Efficiency, Performance, and Usability

The gas-powered mower had a nice, long run. However, advances in technology and a more eco-conscious consumer landscape ensure cordless electric mowers are well-positioned to overtake their fuel-powered counterparts. Here’s why:

Like how drones transformed aerial technology, cordless mowers are set to do the same in lawn care. But only if they deliver enough power and battery life to make consumers’ lives easier.


Balancing Power, User Comfort, and Convenience

For cordless motors to function reliably for the long haul, several systems and components must work together seamlessly — from the battery and charger to the brushless DC motor and controller. 

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When designing cordless mowers, engineers should consider a host of factors to ensure peak performance and user-friendliness: 

  • Battery Performance: Lithium-ion batteries, typically 18V-36V, with high energy density and fast charging capabilities, are crucial for extended runtime. But maximizing their potential requires proper isolation and an intelligent battery management system (BMS).
  • Motor Efficiency: Energy-efficient brushless (BL) DC motors help maximize battery life and power output for cutting different grass types and yield longer run times.
  • Integrated Circuit (IC): As the regulator of the BLDC motor, the IC should deliver precise control signals while managing the high currents that power the motor.
  • Overvoltage & ESD Protection: Ensuring the motor, battery, and battery charger do not overheat or get damaged by surges or transients is crucial to the safety and longevity of the mower.

It's important to note that there are additional design considerations to consider, such as high-quality blades, safety mechanisms, and noise reduction, all of which contribute to an enhanced user experience.

Design Reliable Cordless Mowers with MCC Products

Integrating MCC components into cordless mower designs, engineers can enhance the performance, durability, and user experience of these modern lawn care tools. Our cordless lawn mower components include: 

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July 8, 2024
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