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2023 Future Advanced Engineering University EMEA

April 24-28, 2023

Malaga, Spain

We’re looking forward to seeing you at Future Advanced Engineering training!

Maximizing Thermal Performance in Product Design: Key Considerations

As products become more powerful and smaller, it is increasingly important to prioritize thermal performance.


Join us for our comprehensive presentation, Maximizing Thermal Performance in Product Design: Key Considerations, to gain valuable insights into the factors that can help you create high-performing and efficient products.


Our in-depth session will cover:

  • Design considerations
  • Heat transfer mechanisms
  • Heat sink effects and analysis
  • Parameter transformation
  • Thermal modeling
  • Understanding the thermal resistance curve
  • Thermal materials
  • SPICE modeling
  • PCB thermal layout

MCC’s expert, Bruno Duranton, Field Application Engineer Manager, EMEA, will share his knowledge on how these considerations can improve the thermal performance of your product designs.

Who is MCC?

MCC is a global discrete semiconductor manufacturer with 10,000+ components and counting.

We are your total solutions partner for innovative products in Industrial, Automotive, Renewables, Computing, Consumer, and beyond.

Learn more about how we’re set up to help you — and your customers — win.

Our advanced semiconductor solutions are ideal for a range of applications, including:



• Vehicle tracking
• Driver controls
• Off-board chargers
• Energy storage systems



• Electronic joystick controllers
• Motor drivers
• Electric compressors & heaters
• Motor control circuits


Consumer Electronics

• Fire detection
• Door automation
• Home security

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"I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to discuss maximizing thermal performance in product design and provide insights that will help attendees elevate their product designs to the next level."

— Bruno Duranton
Field Application Engineer Manager, EMEA

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